Me in Canyon De Chelly

About me.... I was born and raised in Arizona. I'm a desert kid who just happens to love the mountains. I was hooked on photography the minute I picked up my Father's Polaroid Land Camera. Those grainy, off color , under and over exposed images were the coolest thing since hearing the Beatles for the first time.

I took photography a little more seriously in High School. We shot Black & White film And were taught how to load our own unexposed film into the cassette's then develop negatives in the dark. We had our own dark room And we were educated on how to turn plain white Kodak paper into an image. It was simply magical.

It's not hard for me to talk about myself. Condensing it into just a few paragraphs is a challenge for me though, so here goes.....

I was born in the back seat of a Greyhound bus rolling down Highway 41. No, that was Greg Alman. I was born and raised right here in Arizona. I was hooked on photography at the ripe old age of 8 when my father brought home that state of the art Polaroid Land Camera. I thought those grainy, out of focus strangely colored images were just so cool. In high school, we had a photography class and I signed up. We shot black & white images and developed the film right there on campus. We learned to print our images in a "Dark Room" and marveled at the process....I was hooked!

In the early-80's I was working as a ranch cowboy and was team roping semi-professionally. By the mid-80's I had started my professional career photographing local rodeos along with some commercial work photographing livestock trailers. I've spent a lot of time outdoors, enjoying camping, hiking, backpacking, fly-fishing and mountaineering. And have also summited Mt. Rainier twice. I've always captured the places I visit, first on film and now digitally. It's been a natural fit for me and my lifestyle to do this professionally.

These pages are a representation of the places I've been. My goal was to try and recreate the mood, the feeling of being there. It's a work in progress. Thanks for visiting my website.



My life has been an adventure. I played the drums for 25 years and did the Bar Band thing in my early 20's. I went from there to working on a Cattle Ranch and Team-Roping Professionally (long story). somehow, I also managed to get married and raise a family, All the while Hiking, Backpacking, Rock Climbing and Mountaineering all over the Western United States.... Makes me tired just thinking about it! But, it's always been about what I've seen And learning how to capture and communicate those sites into images. It's been a life long work that I wouldn't trade for anything. Thanks for viewing my site.A