Digital Image DownLoad License

Sandstone Red Photography Standard License agreement. By purchasing and the downloading of any digital image from our website. You agree to the following terms. As listed in the Standard License Agreement. Upon acceptance of your downloaded image. There will not be any refunds available to you. Please make sure you have chosen the correct image before finalizing your purchase.

Standard License Agreement

With our Standard License Agreement you are granted a limited one-time download of the purchased image. You are allowed no more than one printed image from your purchase. In other words you may not reproduce the image more than one time. It may not be duplicated or included in any other form, be it print and or digital. Without expressed and written consent form Sandstone Red Photography. It may not be printed on any item and or object for sale. For example. You may not print the image on a coffee mug or Tee-Shirt, etc. The image(s) cannot be used for any commercial purposes such as advertisements, promotions, merchandise, etc.

Any Sandstone Red Photography image may be used for the purpose of a newsworthy or cultural interest. As in newspapers, magazines, news Blog or other media events. However a credit line field must be included with Sandstone Red Photography being given credit for the image used.

Download Instructions

Once you have chosen the image you would like to purchase. After you have entered your payment information. A one-time download link will be sent to via email. This link is only good for 24-hours. If for some reason you were not able to download the link. Contact us and a second link will be issued to you.